Donegal GAA officials will meet with GAA bosses tomorrow to discuss and clarify matters relating to venue selection for the Super 8s phase of the Senior Football Championship.

Dublin are scheduled to play their first Super 8 fixture against Donegal on Saturday week. 

It was confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that the Leinster and Ulster champions will meet at GAA HQ on 14 July at 7pm.

However, Dublin are set to have another game, their 'home game' at Croke Park against either Armagh or Roscommon on 4/5 August, following on from an away clash against either Cork or Tyrone.

Donegal, however, have another away date against either Roscommon or Armagh, before they host either Cork or Tyrone in their final encounter. 

A motion passed on the new format in 2017 stated that each team would have a home game, a game at Croke Park and an away game in the new round-robin format. 

The Donegal board sought a meeting with the GAA's top brass to ensure what they insist is "a level playing field for every team at the All-Ireland quarter-final group stage and to seek clarification on how any county may use a ground as both neutral and home venue."

The intention of the meeting, they say, "is to ensure that no team has any advantage over any other team".

Donegal manager Declan Bonner told Donegal Sport Hub yesterday: "For all eight teams, I think it's got to be the one playing field, and I don't think it's that levelled if you have to play two matches away from home and another team has two home games.

"In terms of fairness, if Donegal were to play Dublin and someone said the game was to be played at a neutral venue, then you would expect somewhere like Cavan or Clones, or a neutral venue.

"Not going into Dublin's back yard to play what is a so-called neutral match."