GPA chairman Seamus Hickey has described the Kildare qualifier venue saga as unacceptable for the apparent strain it has put on the players of both teams.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there has been deadlock in all stakeholders agreeing to where the qualifier between the Lilywhites and Mayo will be played.

Kildare are steadfast in their stance that they will be in St Conleth's Park on Saturday night, while the GAA insist the match will be in Croke Park.

Hickey told RTÉ Sport this afternoon: "From the Gaelic Players Association point of view, we have been contacted by the Kildare players who were very upset by the current scenario. It's a very acute point of the season where we have short turnarounds between games.

"As far as Kildare were concerned, they had the home venue. That has changed fairly quickly. Their preparations have been thrown into disarray and especially with the position of the county board and management team that they won't play in Croke Park.

"It's a very tricky situation for players trying to prepare in a situation like this. Unfortunately it resembles a similar situation from the league from the CCCC where fixtures were made without regards for the players on a Bank Holiday Monday.

"The main concern from the GPA is the consistent application of rules and fixturing that players can prepare adequately for fixtures. Now we have a situation that Mayo players are preparing for a game in Croke Park while being open to the possibility that it could be changed back to St Conleth's Park.

"That's not a situation that is acceptable or tolerable for our players, especially at such a busy part of the year where they are balancing their lives with their sport. All preparations hinge on these decisions. Decisions made without considering the players is not acceptable in our eyes."

It’s likely the Kildare board and GAA officials will try to iron out a compromise, if possible, and Hickey wants to see a resolution as soon as possible.

"There doesn't seem to be much dialogue between the GAA and Kildare. We hope in the first instance that it happens and the players can be adequately represented by their management and county board. We just want the players to get certainty so their preparations can continue on a strong footing, for both teams.

"It's enormously distracting. I cannot emphasise how frantic this time of years is. There is a six day turnarounds for some games and it creates an enormous challenge both for physical recovery, mental approach and prep on the next opponent. This is not a welcome situation."