Former Armagh footballer Oisin McConville feels that the criticism of Galway's defensive system is over the top.

Galway defeated Roscommon on sunday and were crowned Connacht champions in Dr Hyde Park.

"A lot of the criticism is over the top," McConville told RTÉ's Morning Ireland.

"They were criticised for the system in the first half and it was more or less the same system they played in the second half.

"Galway went into yesterday’s game a little bit nervy. One of the things you have to add when you feel you are making progress is a bit of silverware.

"They were under a bit of pressure, by the time the game opened up you could see the quality that Galway possess."

"They played with a lot more energy in the second half and they transitioned quicker"

Roscommon were the dominant team in the first half and Ciaráin Murtagh’s goal gave them a three-point lead at the break. However the Tribesemen took control in the second-half and ran out four point winners.

"Galway more or less stuck to their guns in that they played exactly the same way with the same system in the second-half.

"The attitude seemed to change, their transition from defence to attack was a lot quicker, and they looked a lot brighter.

"They didn’t bin their system and you wouldn’t expect them to. It’s something they have worked on now over the last 18 months and to perfect the system they are playing they have to stick with it, they believe in it.

"Kevin Walsh believes in it and the players believe in it. They played with a lot more energy in the second half and they transitioned quicker."

Galway will now progress to the Super 8s while Roscommon head into the qualifier draw.