It was a stellar inter-county career, with much satisfaction both on and off the field of play. Cork's Rena Buckley has 18 All-Ireland medals to her name - seven in camogie and 11 in football.

At the age of 31 she has decided to call time on her career in the Rebel jersey, feeling perhaps the drive isn't there to go after more silverware. She seems happy, however, with her decision. A case of no regrets.

Reflecting on that decision, Buckley told RTÉ Sport: "At the start of the year I wondered would there be a massive grá to go back and put in the level of dedication required. It wasn't quite there this year.

It's a huge effort and you have to be fully, fully committed emotionally, physically and mentally. I just felt I wasn't at that level of commitment.  

"I have given an awful lot of my life to playing inter-county and I just feel now is the right time to move on to different things in my life.

"Instead of being selfish with my time, I now want to give more time to other people in my life."

It's a phrase that gets trotted out a lot, but for Buckley it's was very much a case of 'living the dream' when it came to playing for her county.

"It was always my dream to play with Cork in both football and camogie and I got the chance to live that dream and I enjoyed every minute of it," she revealed.

"Even when I was on losing teams, it was still great to be part of big days"

"I enjoyed the matches thoroughly and I was lucky enough to win a lot when I was around. Even when I was on losing teams, it was still great to be part of big days. It was a fantastic part of my life and I wouldn't change it for the world.

"The games gave me a huge social network, not just in Cork, but in the rest of Ireland and around the world."

Buckley also feels that camogie and women’s are in good place and that the profile of both is continuing to grow.

"Training in both codes has become technical through video analysis and coaching standards have increased," she added.

"Everybody now has to be doing a gym programme.

"The physio when you are injured is better and the same can be said for media coverage."