The GAA should consider scrapping the provincial football championships, according to Clare manager Colm Collins.

Considered sacrosanct by some, the Banner boss sees no reason why they can’t be binned, for a season or two at least, to decrease the number of mismatches.

The Dublin-dominated Leinster SFC is the prime example of a jaded format, "a non event", says Collins, who has a "pain in his face" talking about the "excitement" of the Munster campaign.

Out west, Galway v Mayo fails to get his juices flowing. The battle for the Anglo-Celt in Ulster is an honourable outlier.

"It is ridiculous," said Collins, whose side face Limerick for the fourth year in a row this evening in Limierck (7pm).

"How come nobody is grasping the nettle and saying what a fantastic championship there would be if we had 32 teams together?

"In the minor championship this year, Waterford played Cork and they got a terrible hammering.

"How long does that have to keep going on before somebody says ‘enough is enough’, something needs to be done here to make this a more equitable championship. It does get boring.

"You’re there watching the draws. In Connacht, it was the same pairings again with Galway and Mayo. Leinster is a non-event.

Stephen Cluxton with the Leinster prize

"What you could do for the championships by showing a bit of initiative. The sky is not going to fall in if we do away with the provincial championships for a year or two.

"It is ironic: the GAA can get something through when they want to get something through.

"The Super 8s was heavily canvassed. The business was done there.  

"We could have such a brilliant Championship. Just because something has gone on for 100 years is no reason to keep with it.

"That 'eight groups of four' model, top 16, second 16, and you stand on your own two feet at the end of the year.

"You are not nailed to the cross because of the previous year’s results. If you are a first-year manager and you do very well, you could qualify for the All-Ireland A.

"But the All-Ireland B needs to get proper status, not be thrown away like the Tommy Murphy [Cup].

"It needs to be played the same day as the All-Ireland, given them an All Star and let them travel with the other All Stars, give them their team holiday and all that.

Kerry are the current Munster champs

"The day you do that, you’ll get a lot of yeses [from the counties].

"But again, we are going to have to spend a fair amount of money getting that over the line.

"Everybody now wants to get to that Super 8s. The team that is going to win the All-Ireland will be the team with the strongest panel.

"That will militate against the counties with lower populations and so on. We’ll be trying our damnedest to get to the Supers 8s, no question about it.

"I just think in the context of the provincial championships, so much more could be done."