Leitrim's match-winner in Gaelic Park, Noel Plunkett, said his side never panicked even when it appeared that the Connacht campaign was over late in extra-time. 

Leitrim trailed by three points with less than five minutes of the extra-time period remaining. They were still a point in arrears as we ticked into injury-time of extra-time. 

There was only one minute officially allotted but the visitors somehow managed to rustle up two points with Plunkett himself cantering through the middle to kick the winning point at the death. 

Speaking on Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio One, Plunkett said that Leitrim knew New York had been targeting them for a long time. 

"Any team with Jamie Clarke and (Neil) Collins in the full-back line, you know they're going to very strong. We know they've been targeting us for a long time so we just had to put our heads down and work twice as hard. Lucky enough, it came good for us in the end. 

"We got off to a slow start and we knew were going to settle into it at some stage. I suppose when we went 1-03 to 0-01 down, we were getting a little bit nervous but we got a few scores on the board, Emlyn (Mulligan) kicked two or three and kept us in it.

"We just had to keep plugging away. The main thing was that we never panicked. Even to the bitter end, we were still in it and never gave in."

As for the winning score itself, Plunkett admitted he contemplated laying it off to a more regular finisher but the chance opened up for him in such a way that he had to take it on. 

Shane Quinn had only seconds before levelled up the game when his shot at goal was saved by New York goalkeeper Vinny Cadden but then ricocheted and spun and looped its way over the crossbar. 

Leitrim won the kick-out, Dean McGovern fed Plunkett and the Aughawillan player slotted the ball over for a memorable victory.  

"There was nothing else I could do at that stage. I couldn't turn backl! It was do or die. Lucky enough it went over. 

"It probably was going through my head to pass it off. But at the time I looked up I just saw the goals in front of me and had to take it on. I didn't realise there was so little time left.