Bernard Flynn believes that we have not seen the last of Bernard Brogan in a Dublin jersey. 

The Herald reported on Monday morning that Brogan has been ruled out for the year after suffering a cruciate ligament injury in training. 

At 34 years of age, many have speculated that the alleged injury could spell the end of Brogan's inter-county career. 

However, speaking on RTÉ 2fm's Game On, Flynn disagreed with the prevailing view that Brogan has played his last game for Dublin.  

"It won't be (the end of Brogan). There's too much involved in being a Dublin player today to give it up.

"He's been very lucky with injury overall but it's very sad to see it. He had played very well in the first game of the League. 

"D'you know what he'll do? He's committed, he's focused, he's incredibly driven. He'll be back.

"Whether he'll make the team next year is another matter but he'll be pulled out of there kicking and screaming. 

"It's unfortunate but they (Dublin) have plenty of talent to make up for it."