Kieran Donaghy has confirmed that he intends to play with Kerry next year.

The four-time All-Ireland winner will be 35 in March but is willing to continue as long as he feels he can make an impact.

"I’ve always said it, I’ll retire when I can’t help Kerry anymore," he told the Irish Examiner.

"Would it be easy for me to go out now? It would be easy. After a very good year at 34, nominated for an All Star, and have people saying: ‘Jesus, he was a great bit of stuff. Wow, you should never have retired, man, you were flying.’

"Rather than what I’m risking now and the ball doesn’t hop my way and things work against me and people going: ‘Ah, man, you should have gone last year.’

"But that’s fine and, if I don’t help Kerry on the pitch or I feel I can’t help Kerry on the pitch, I’ll be retired quicker than you can sit down. 

"I still feel I can do a job for Kerry and I still enjoy it, so why would I retire? Because society thinks I should retire? Because when you get over 30 in the GAA they all think you should retire?"

Like last season, Donaghy will miss Kerry's league campaign as he completes the basketball season with Garvey’s Tralee Warriors.