Dublin's ladies footballers are about to embark on a fundraising drive in order to pay for a team holiday following their recent All-Ireland win.

The Dublin's men's team get a team holiday for winning Sam Maguire thanks in no small part to a grant from Croke Park to the two All-Ireland finalists.

But ladies football isn't so well off so the Jackies are going to have to do their own fund-raising in order to head away on a well earned break.

"We're hoping to go away - we're starting with a bit of fundraising now. I suppose it doesn't come with the package like it does with the guys," said the Dubs' Fiona Hudson.

Her team mate Niamh McEvoy, who scored a vital first-half goal in the final win over Mayo added: "We have never been on a team holiday as a group so we're going to look into doing a bit of fundraising and hopefully we'll get some support."

The pair were speaking on RTÉ Ray D'Arcy Show on Saturday night, where they appeared with a number of their team mates following only the county's second All-Ireland ladies senior title.

Also joining them on the couch was McEvoy's boyfriend Dean Rock, who kicked the winning point in the mens' final against Mayo, and Hudson's fiance Paul Flynn, a four-time All-Ireland winner.

Ladies football is run by the LFGA while the GAA runs Gaelic football and hurling. While the two do work closely together they aren't part of the one organisation.

There was a record crowd of more than 46,000 at the ladies final - the largest attendance at a women-only sporting event in the world this year.

The pair get married in December. When asked would getting married beat winning an All-Ireland, Hudson wasn't sure.

She responded: "I think winning an All-Ireland is quite, quite special. We'll see - I've never been married before, so I don't know!"

The two couples both said that having a partner who plays inter-county to such a high level helps as one has a greater understanding of what the other is going through.

Flynn said:" People may not see and they may not know, but the sacrifices the ladies team puts in sometimes surpasses what the lads do. This year their their training schedule has been busier than ours, but every player knows that there are sacrifices for playing for your county."