Lee Keegan is set to face no action after he was alleged to have tossed his GPS tracker in the direction of Dean Rock as the latter was about to kick what was the winning point in this year's All-Ireland final.

The Irish Independent has confirmed that, after looking into the incident, the GAA's Central Competition Controls Committee have concluded that footage was not conclusive enough for them to apply the incident to a spacific rule. 

The CCCC also found there was nothing specific that could have led to a sanction for Dublin's Cormac Costello after he threw away the kicking tee of Mayo goalkeeper David Clarke in the closing stages last Sunday week.

An incident in the first half involving Eoghan O'Gara and Colm Boyle was also looked at by the CCCC.

O'Gara's hand came into clear contact with Boyle's face and while slow-motion footage shows contact with the eye area the evidence was thought to be less conclusive in real time.