The Club Players Association has published full details of its fixture proposals that it sees as integral to preserving the club scene in Gaelic Games.

The proposals were unveiled at the National Sports Campus in Abbotstown this morning. 

The CPA has called upon the GAA authorities to seize the opportunity presented by the forthcoming Special Congress to include specific motions to benefit the club game, including ring-fencing April as an exclusive club only month, December as a close season and completing club competitions in a calendar year.

CPA chairman Micheál Briody said: "The GAA is making incremental change, we had the Super 8, now hurling proposals. Let us together as an association take the opportunity presented by this Special Congress, of incidentally which there was no mention until recently, to provide real direction on fixtures and participation to club players and county officials alike.

"The system is causing antagonism and unnecessary stress with the association. It's time to make the bold and decisive changes that are needed."

In calling for the All-Ireland club season to be completed in a calendar year, Crossmaglen and former Armagh player Aaron Kernan highlighted the problems for county teams when club champions are successful at All-Ireland level.

Kernan said: "What people maybe don't realise is that I wanted to play and achieve success with both my club Crossmaglen and my county.

"The GAA through its own competition structures and poorly designed calendar actually discriminates against the successful club player and undermines county teams. The lads at Cross wanted to play for both teams but it wasn't possible because we happened to experience success."

The detailed three proposals mooted by the CPA include a group format and a two-tier championship.

A CPA statement added: "The three changes we are looking for do not require a motion to go to Congress.

"They can be routed through Central Council and if agreed there, the onus is on Croke Park to schedule them accordingly. So we will be asking our members to go to club meetings to get their county board delegates to mandate their central council delegate to propose these motions in the coming months.

"In the meantime, we want all parties to debate the merits of these three proposals and understand why they are necessary to ‘fixing the fixtures’ once and for all.

"We in the CPA have engaged openly and honestly with the GAA. We continue to be 100% volunteers and all the work you will see here today was carried out by GAA-loving people voluntarily. No member of CPA gets paid mileage or any expenses and nor do we want any.

"We do this so we cannot be distracted by our simple goal of ‘fixing the fixtures’. Our membership stands at nearly 24,000 members and our only aim in this project is to lobby for change within our association to improve the plight of the club player.

"Our single most pressing concern is the club player, his wellbeing and his opportunity to play Gaelic sport to the best of his ability and live a healthy, balanced life.

"We want to retain our players, playing our games to ensure the future viability and growth of the GAA. We want them to continue to contribute to their club and community once their playing days are over, as the majority of county board and club officers have done."