Dublin’s Diarmuid Connolly will not appeal against the 12-week suspension handed down for his actions in last weekend’s Leinster SFC quarter-final clash against Carlow.

In a heated game, Connolly laid his hand on the shoulder of linesman Ciarán Branagan after a sideline ball was awarded following a scuffle on the touchline.

The Central Competitions Control Committee reviewed footage of the incident and decided that the Dublin wing-forward's actions warranted a 12-week ban.

Connolly had the option of taking his case to the Central Hearings Committee to fight the ban, but he has instead opted to accept the suspension.

Dublin will now be without the services of the St Vincent's clubman until the end of August.

The ban will expire on midnight before the second All-Ireland football semi-final, which takes place on 27 August. This is the game the Dubs will feature in should they progress that far in the competition and go the direct route.