The Club Players Association's bid for official recognition by the GAA will have to wait for another year after a motion was withdrawn at Congress.

Given that it took the GPA more than a decade to gain formal recognition and the CPA was only founded late last year, it was always expected that this would not pass.

All of the speakers were against, with only past president Nickey Brennan striking a conciliatory tone by saying the GAA aren't anti-player just that this motion comes too soon.

Both Wexford and Tipperary saw the signs and withdrew their joint-motion, meaning no formal recognition for the CPA for the time being at least.

Brennan felt that the best course of action for now was to engage with CPA over the coming months.

“We don’t want to send out the wrong message to club players but the CPA has only been formed recently and we need to know more about them. 

“It would be better to engage with them and come back another time with a motion when we all know where we stand.

"We don’t want to send out a message that we’re voting against club players which is why I suggest that withdrawing the motion is the best way to deal with this for now."