Tyrone's Seán Cavanagh has confirmed that this will be his last season as an inter-county footballer.

After the Red Hand were eliminated from last year's All-Ireland race by Mayo in a game where Cavanagh was sent off late on, it was expected that the former Player of the Year would come back for one more shot.  

Speaking in the Irish Daily Mail, the three-time All-Ireland winner said: "I'm pretty sure I won't be back in 2018. I really don't want to finish my career by limping out and knowing my body can't compete.

"It's gets tougher every year but I feel quite strong at the moment and I feel as I have something to offer this year."  

Cavanagh also feels that Mickey Harte still has a number of years to run as manager despite being knocked back on a couple of occasions in recent years with contract extension requests.

“I don’t know the full details of how it all happened or whatever happens in these county board meetings, it may have been the case of the wrong time or the wrong structure or something being brought up in the wrong way but I think we as players, we know he’s the man for the job,” said the Moy clubman.