Clare joint-manager Gerry O’Connor conceded that a strong finish put a deceptive gloss on his team’s win over Kerry in the Munster SHL.

The Banner scored eight of the last nine points at Austin Stack Park to record a 2-24 to 1-15 success.

“We’re happy with the win. I don’t think we’d be really happy with the performance,” O’Connor told RTÉ Sport.

“A lot of the stuff that Donal Óg Cusack, Liam Cronin and Kieran Corcoran had been working on on the training field didn’t really transfer as well as we would have hoped.

“Maybe that’s because we’ve been training at UL.

“It’s probably an unrealistic surface, when you transfer on to a grass pitch like we did today.”

One pleasing aspect of the match from a Clare perspective was their ability to alter their gameplan when their tactics weren’t yielding the desire results.

“They had some fine hurlers out there" - Clare joint-manager Gerry O’Connor on Kerry

“We started really well, contained them against the breeze and then we struggled with their short puck-out game,” O’Connor added.

“They dropped in a sweeper and we struggled a little bit with that.

“Then, in the middle of the second half, they seemed to get a few injuries and went even more defensive.

“We attempted to change things slightly.

“We got some feedback from our stats guys and we started to go much more direct and much longer.

“Our full-forward line and our half-forward line started to really press up on their defenders and we forced a lot of turnovers and we forced them to overcarry a number of times.

“That was it. It was only in the last 10 or 15 minutes we really got on top.

“I think that it was a combination, with them suffering some injuries.

“They had some fine hurlers out there.

“Their stick passing- their short-stick passing - was far more effective than ours at times.”