“Massive structural change” within the GAA is the only way to solve the crisis facing club players, according to Liam Griffin.

The 1996 All-Ireland-winning Wexford manager was speaking at the official launch of the Club Players Association.

The CPA says their priority is to deliver a more meaningful programme with a shorter season.

And Griffin, the organisation's fixtures coordinator, has pointed at the glamour All-Ireland series fixtures, saying they cover up a lot of the issues that face the majority of the playing population. 

Speaking to RTÉ Sport, Griffin said: “The only way that it can be changed is a massive structural change. At the end of the day it’s going to come down to that.

“Because the structures and systems we have are actually a hindrance to the game because they are slow to change.

“We [the GAA] change like a whale, it takes us that long to turn whereas we need to turn like a minnow in this modern world.

“What happens now is that at the [click] of a finger you can change a lot of things. We are very slow to change and that’s impacting right down the line.

“We don’t recognise it because there are so many elite big games going on.

“We don’t understand what’s going on underneath the surface but eventually that will come through to the top if we don’t get it changed.

“We need everybody to be positive and embrace change but embrace it [with] an element of positive discontent rather than [regarding it] as adversarial. That’s no good.”

Griffin also called for the GAA hierarchy and the CPA to set up a focus group to assemble facts and figures that can be worked off to provide a solution.

“A special group needs to be put together to examine the entire content of what we’re saying and its relevance,” he said.

“We need to compile facts from the database which we are now going to compile from the players and say – ‘these are all of the issues', and people are going to say, ‘we accept those issues and we’re going to do something about it or not’.

“Wherever the barriers are they have to be looked at and removed if possible and if not removed altered to make sure we can facilitate forward movement of our own association.”

GAA president Aogán Ó Fearghail and director-general Páraic Duffy are due to put a proposal before Congress next month with the aim of making changes to the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, which includes adding a group stage to a condensed competition.