Ex-Mayo joint managers Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes believe that the county’s wait for All-Ireland success will go on unless “some egos are checked and outside influences curbed”.

In an interview in today’s Irish Independent, the pair claim that a small group of powerful players led the revolt against them in the aftermath of Mayo’s loss to Dublin in the 2015 All-Ireland semi-final replay.

They also state that a disproportionate amount of power is vested in a relatively small number of players, who they do not identify.

Speaking collectively, the pair said: “If a small group within the squad are allowed to dictate the way they tried when we were there, it’s not good for Mayo football. 

"If that situation is still there, the likelihood is that they will win nothing. That’s the bottom line as we see it.

"We’re talking about a small number in the panel. The rest are fantastic, and there are fine young players coming along, but the danger is that they will be held to ransom by a few inside and outside the group."

Holmes and Connelly, who were only in charge for one season, have urged players to concentrate on football and leave managing to coaches and backroom staff.

Outside influences, they add, are also having a detrimental effect on the current squad and are stopping them from ending that long wait for an All-Ireland title. 

Last week, former Mayo player Tom Cunniffe said that Holmes and Connelly, were "treated badly" and "should never have had to resign".