Tomás Ó Sé, Dessie Dolan and Ciaran Whelan all believe that Dublin will get the better of Mayo in the All-Ireland football final replay on 1 October.

A point from Cillian O’Connor deep into injury time earned Mayo a draw with the Dubs at Croke Park in some testing conditions and ensured that both sides will met again.

Looking forward to that clash, the Sunday Game analysts claimed that Dublin will have the edge and that they have the most room for improvement.

Tomás Ó Sé said: "Both teams will look where they can improve. I think there was a lot of turnovers on both teams, was it down to the conditions? Maybe not.

"I think there’s more improvement for the Dubs....and Jim Gavin isn’t a guy that’s afraid to make changes."

Dessie Dolan echoed O’Shea’s sentiments and added: “Dublin are the team that have the scope for improvement. If you look at Mayo, probably 75% or 80% of what they tried to achieve today, they achieved.

"So they have to get to that and move the next day because Dublin are going to step it up again."

Meanwhile Ciaran Whelan expects much of the same from Mayo in the replay: "I can’t see them making too many changes.

"The one thing I’d say about Mayo is that the bench might be limited in terms of their options to turn things around as opposed to Dublin."