And so Mayo are where they planned to be at the start of the year - in an All-Ireland final on the third Sunday of September

In assessing their journey so far, scribes and analysts alike will hardly be waxing lyrical in how they got there.

Sunday's semi-final victory over Tipperary, while not stumbling over the line, was more a case of spluttering to a five-point victory.

A strong finish to an opening half that yielded 1-07 and Conor O'Shea's somewhat fortuitous goal were ultimately the defining moments in this semi-final.

Mayo will not need to be told that they have to improve for a date with either Dublin or Kerry on 18 September.

That said, the Green and Red have often in recent times brought us all on their rollercoaster in semi-finals. Expectations will be lower this time as they aim to bring home Sam. 

The Sunday Game panel feel that Mayo have much to work on before their return to Croke Park.

When asked about whether there is a parallel between's Galway's march to All-Ireland glory via the back door in 2001 to Mayo's trek through the scenic route, Colm O'Rourke said: "Galway had proven individuals at the top level like Michael Donnellan, Ja Fallon and Padraic Joyce.

"There isn't three forwards like that on the Mayo team and they are not going to be there in the final either"

On the display against Tipperary, O'Rourke added: "Mayo looked like they had over-trained. Maybe they had decided to get this one out of the way and have one big performance for the final.

"They were very sluggish and didn't have the energy. Most worryingly they looked short of pace."

In a further critique of Mayo, Joe Brolly said: "They don't look as if they believe they can win an All-Ireland. This is a team that has never won an All-Ireland.

"They should have been ravenous against Tipperary, you had Andy Moran waving up to the crowd when they are cheering. This is it. This is shit or bust for Mayo."

Pat Spillane referenced earlier games in this campaign to highlight a certain intrepidation in the Connacht team's squad.

"Against Galway, they had three shots at goal. Against Tyrone in the last 15 minutes, they had one shot at goal. It's fear, fear."