Hawkeye will be used in Semple Stadium this weekend for the first time, with eight cameras following the action in case of any indecision from the umpires in the Munster SHC match between Tipperary and Cork.

Although similar to the Hawkeye Score Detection System used in Croke Park, the physical environs of Semple Stadium mean there are differences in how the technology will operate in Thurles. 

The eight cameras, four at each end of the pitch, will capture the flight and trajectory of the ball and relay that information to the a control centre in the Kinnane Stand. 

By using the Hawkeye software, the GAA Review Official will inform the Referee whether or not a score has been recorded.

Requests for the use of Hawkeye will be made following communication between the match officials and indicated using the same hand signals used in Croke Park.   

Results will be displayed on the newly installed ribbon board at the Town End goal and graphics will be pushed out on live TV broadcasts and on a large stadium screen when one is in use.

Those decisions that result in a score (Tá) will have a green halo around the ball and those resulting in a miss (Níl) will have a red halo around the ball. 

Hawkeye’s Score Review System has been tested vigorously in recent months and was commissioned for use by the GAA’s Management Committee two weeks ago.

Dublin v Wexford (Saturday 7.15pm) and Tipperary v Cork (Sunday 4pm) will be shown live on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player, with live commentary on RTÉ Radio 1 and live blogs on RTE.ie