GAA president Aogán Ó Fearghail is putting clubs to the fore ahead of the 2016 Congress and insists that it’s time to act upon the organisation's promises.

O'Fearghail is hoping that motions to scrap replays outside of finals and to bring the All-Ireland finals forward by two weeks will give clubs more breathing room for their championships.

In the past club championships have been rushed in order to facilitate inter-county campaigns and are often thrown into disarray when inter-county replays force drastic and immediate changes to their structure.

The president hopes that if his proposals are accepted that it will facilitate fixtures being completed inside of the calendar year and at a more suitable pace.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport, Ó Fearghail said: “The motions that are coming before congress arise from the ‘club’.

“We need to create more space for our clubs and our club players, particularly that they have a clear and defined season and a clear and defined playing programme.

“I never made any apologies for saying that the club is the most important part of the Association and it is now time to be true to our words. It’s isn’t enough to just say that the club is the cornerstone, let’s act upon it,” he added.

"It’s isn’t enough to just say that the club is the cornerstone, let’s act upon it"

Explaining his reasoning behind the proposition to scrap replays, Ó Fearghail said: “We are proposing in the document that there will be no replays in our provincial championships and that will create a lot of spaces for our clubs

"Outside of that we’re suggesting that there will not be replays in any of the preliminary or early rounds or semi-finals and that will free-up significant time."

Another headline motion at congress is to move forward the All-Ireland finals by two weeks, and again O’ Ferghaill sees this as something that will benefit clubs.

"The other motion that will have a significant effect on clubs will be to play the All-Ireland finals two weeks earlier," he said.

"If we achieve that and the motion is successful, that will free up a lot of spaces and it will have a knock-on that we are able to complete our fixtures in the calendar year and that there will be more space for clubs.

"Counties don’t need more inter-county games, it’s more inter-club games that the Association wants at the moment."

Ó Fearghail has, however, u-turned on the motion that a new competition could be created for Division 4 clubs that exit the championship at an early stage.

"There isn’t an appetite among the Division 4 counties for it"

He believes that such a competition could extend the season for the smaller counties, but accepts that it's not an idea that has gained traction.

"When you look at all of that, there was no appetite for change whatsoever, the only area it was felt that would be improved was that a county playing in Division 4 would play in the provincial championships but if they were beaten in that they would have a competition that they could realistically win.

"But I accept fully that there isn’t an appetite among the Division 4 counties for it, that is clear."