Crossmaglen Rangers joint-manager Oisin McConville is satisfied that none of his players were involved in an alleged biting incident during Sunday’s Ulster club quarter-final victory against Cargin from Antrim. 

After the game, Cargin manager John Brennan claimed that midfielder Michael McCann had been bitten ahead of a melee involving 12 players that broke out just after half time. McCann reportedly confirmed the bite afterwards, but wouldn’t name the player involved. 

However, McConville, after speaking to his squad is happy that no such biting incident took place. 

Speaking to RTÉ Sport, he said: “All we can really do is ask. These sort of incidents are very hard to prove and are very hard to see. We’re happy that such an incident did not happen. 

"We wouldn’t condone anything like that. It’s not the way we play football.

"We haven’t been associated with this stuff before.

"It wouldn’t be something as a management team we’d be condoning and as a club it’s not something we would want happening."