The Tipperary County Board have thanked Eamon O'Shea for his services to the county after concluding his spell as manager last Sunday. 

O'Shea had signalled his intention to leave his post at the end of the current season, and defeat to Galway in the All-Ireland hurling semi-final ended his tenure in charge.

The county board thanked O'Shea for putting in place structures in Tipp hurling, as well as a panel that can go on to challenge for silverware in the future.

County board chairman, Michael Bourke said: “Eamon O’Shea’s contribution to Tipperary is immense. I have witnessed at first hand that the only thing on his mind was getting Tipperary hurling to the pinnacle of All-Ireland success and keeping it there, which was his total ambition.

"Eamon is a man of huge belief in his ideals and in those around him and whose determination and approach was unquestionable in trying to get there.

"I wish to thank Eamon and his family most sincerely for his contribution to Tipperary. He gave his all unfailingly and I really appreciate it.”

The official county board statement read: "Already planned and known in advance all was missing was the date, a truly inspirational and passionate Tipperary manager Eamon O’Shea, led his side into combat one last time in Croke Park on Sunday last.

"It is with a huge amount of gratitude and thanks Tipperary County Board mark and acknowledges the contribution of Eamon O’Shea, a Tipperary man through and through who never wanted more than to see Tipperary be successful. He leaves behind a solid structure, a fabulous group of players who held Eamon in such high esteem. His is the torch they carried; his is the badge they wore with pride. Eamon’s belief in his players was and is unequivocal and also resilient in his belief that they will succeed when he is gone.

"Giving up a tremendous amount of his time to Tipperary, Tipperary County Board is indebted to the contribution Eamon O’Shea has given in his term as manager. The Board also thanks Eamon’s family who played their part in Eamon’s voyage and shared in his highs and some lows too.

"For your energy, passion, dedication, honesty and integrity on behalf of all Tipperary players, supporters and officials alike, we extend every best wish and more to Eamon O’Shea and his family now and for the future.

"You are more than a 'footnote', you are the foundation, the platform, the genesis of things to come. The future is bright, the future is Blue and Gold because of your contribution and for that the players salute you; we salute you, farewell and thanks."

Ryan is succeeded in the role by his assistant Michael Ryan.