Derry manager Brian McIver stepped down after their defeat to Galway in Pearse Stadium, saying the performance of referee Conor Lane was something he “couldn't live with any longer”.

Brendan Rodgers received a black card and Derry were also denied what looked like a clear penalty before Danny Cummins’ goal sealed the win for the Tribesmen.

"Everything in the GAA has moved on in the last 20 years except the standard of refereeing"

McIver said: “What do you about it? You come down here, plan, lads put in an effort and you turn around and you get a referee like that there. All you have to do is look at the pattern of frees and a six-point turnaround. A penalty to us [would have] brought the game down to a point with 10 to 12 minutes to go. Instead it goes up the line and into the back of the net. Having said that, we accept a level of responsibility ourselves. You can't always totally always in a match blame the referee.

“We kicked some chances wide there in the second half. But at the end of the day, matches should be decided by players and not referees.

“It was a six-point turnaround - a clear penalty. The referee is from Cork - he should have seen it in Cork.”

After thee years of service, the Derry boss said he could not stomach what he saw as a poor standard of officiating in Championship games.

He added: “I have given my life in terms of GAA - I had to go in to a bunch of players and thank them for all their work from the management. I just can't handle referee decisions like that any longer. I have to step down. Everything in the GAA has moved on in the last 20 years except the standard of refereeing. Maybe I saw that totally biased but it was one of the worst refereeing decisions I have ever seen in my life.

“After the first-half, we kept in the game. They scored one point from play and seven frees. Unreal. The black card? That was just absolutely another crazy decision. These guys are accountable to nobody. Everything in the GAA is designed to improve things and the standard of refereeing has just got worse down the years.

“I'm standing down of course. I couldn't live with that any longer. That is no reflection on the players - the players have given everything and I have been very pleased with their commitment over the last three years. And the same with the county board, and backroom team. Everybody has been great to work with. And I really wish, what I call the Derry lads, the best of luck because they work as hard as anyone else in the country but you come to a ground like this here and get turned over like that, it's absolutely brutal.”