Broadcasters Second Captains are to join RTÉ Radio 1 with a weekly GAA show called Second Captains Championship.

The GAA-focussed programme, which is being broadcast in association with the Irish Times, will go out at 6pm on Sundays from 22 June. It will be presented  by Eoin McDevitt and Ciaran Murphy.

As part of the programme, GAA fans will be given the chance to share their views on the day’s GAA action. The programme will also feature opinion and analysis.

“This new show follows in the footsteps of Sportscall and Take Your Point and will give victorious and vanquished fans alike a chance to offer their views on the race for Sam and Liam,” said Head of RTÉ Radio 1, Tom McGuire.

Second Captains’ Mark Horgan said they were looking forward to broadcasting on “the most important dates of the Irish summer - GAA championship Sundays."

“We're delighted to add live radio to Second Captains' existing midweek online shows with the Irish Times and Second Captains Live on RTÉ Two,” added Horgan.

Second Captains have previously presented two series of Second Captains live on RTÉ Two.

The group is comprised of: McDevitt, Ken Early, Murphy, Mark Horgan and Simon Hick.

They produce four online shows a week to stream and download on the Irish Times website.