Former Dublin manager Tommy Carr has called on the GAA to come down hard on members who found guilty of racist behaviour.

Carr is currently manager of the Westmeath minor footballers, a side which lost the Leinster final to Kildare last Sunday and has three African-Irish teenagers in its line-up.

Carr told RTÉ that there was an incident during a Leinster semi-final with Meath two weeks ago where amidst rising tension, there was verbal taunting from elements within the crowd and some racist gestures by a player.

The matter is the subject of an investigation by Croke Park.

Speaking on the News at One about the idea of a life time ban, he stopped short advocating such a measure for young players involved in incidents like the one he recounted, preferring to see efforts at re-education.

However, he did draw attention to the need for a wider policy on racism within the GAA and claimed that the organisation had a very light touch approach to racism.

Carr claimed that racism was treated as a breach in the code of best practice similar to the rules around looking after club equipment. He said the GAA needed to be proactive and take the lead on it and treat it as a separate matter.

"We do not have a policy in the GAA on racism as such. We have it as part of breaches of the GAA code of best practice in/and youth sport, the same as looking after club equipment is what players do," he said.

"What we are calling for is that racism be dealt with separately, in a widespread manner, and a very large signal be sent out because we have a very light touch to this type of thing at the minute."