Wexford dual player Lee Chin has called on the GAA to impose tougher sanctions for racial abuse at games.

Earlier this year, two Duffry Rovers players were suspended for eight weeks for alleged racial abuse of Chin in a club match. However, Chin wants tougher sanctions for offenders and that such abuse is an on-going issue.

Speaking on Newstalk Radio, the Sarsfield clubman said: "The GAA should bring in more than an eight-week ban. I was shocked by what the Duffry Rovers players said to me. Suspensions like those handed out by the FAI should be enforced.

"I’ve been chatting with one of my soccer managers in Wexford. One of his underage players was abused two years ago and the guy that abused him got a six-month ban and a red card in that game too.

"Handing out a yellow card and a two-month ban is too lenient in ny opinion."

Chin has admitted that racist comments have been uttered in his direction while he made his way through the ranks with Wexford.

He added: "Coming up through underage stages of my career, the other underage players who might have said those things I know we were that young they probably didn’t understand what they were calling me.

"I was the same, I was only that age too. I didn’t really understand what they were calling me, it was just a word and maybe for them too."