Ireland lost today's second International Rules test at the Telstra Dome in Melbourne by 63-42, as the series ends in frustration for the Irish camp.  Australia win the Cormac McNallen Cup on an aggregate score of 163-106.

Full time

80mins: Grant adds another three points as the series ends disappointingly with Ireland outplayed and out-muscled to lose by 63-42.

78mins: Troy Makepiece takes a massive Australian mark in front of Ireland’s goal and makes no mistake with his kick.

76mins: Australia playing keep ball now with Ireland chasing shadows.

75mins: Ireland break up field and score another over to cut the deficit to 15 points.

74mins: Cullen makes an excellent save as Australia shoot in front of goal.

73mins: O’Keefe keeps 18 points between the side’s however with an immediate over after taking another good mark.

72mins: McDonald takes a rebounded kick in and hits the score of the game with the outside of his boot from a tight angle at distance.

71mins: One-way traffic now as O’Keefe hits a behind to take his scoring to three overs and two behinds.

70mins: Buchanan hits a behind for a 17-point Australian lead.

69mins: Lovett then follows that up with another, he could have had a goal however with Ireland’s marking no where to be seen.

68mins: Daniel Ciaracusa collects after quick Australian passing for another over.

67mins: Clarke hits a beautiful over to leave 10 points separating the sides.

65mins: Lovett takes a massive mark 20 yards from goal and easily converts his second over of the game.

64mins: Tomas O Se and McManus combine well and earn a free but McManus fails to convert the chance.

62mins: Anthony Lynch then has a good goal opportunity for Ireland but hits it behind from a tight angle.

61mins: Forde breaks upfield but is caught in posession, Australia head straight downfield for an over.

Third quarter ends

60 +1mins: Cavanagh collects in an attacking position and drifts through the Australian defence but his shot is well saved by Fletcher, Australia clear to Forde who steadies himself but can only manage a behind for the last action of the quarter. Ireland trail 40-32.

60mins: Jarrad White gets his first score – a behind – as Australia now lead by nine.

59mins: Great goal chance for Australia but Gilbee snatches at his chance and the ball curls wide for a behind.

58mins: Australia hit their sixth wide through Gilbee from distance.

56mins: Ireland improving as the game progresses but chances are few – Australian free from a tight angle breaks the scoreless spell, only a behind though.

52mins: Ireland hit two quick scores, one an over from Cavanagh - then a Canty free, which goes for a behind.

50mins: Shannon Grant takes a mark of his own from 30 yards out and takes another Australian over.

49mins: Joyce feeds Benny Coulter who takes an excellent mark – he hits the post though and his effort goes for a behind.

47mins: Another Cavanagh over sees Ireland trailing by eight points.

47mins: A rare piece of football sees Ireland score an over from Cavanagh.

46mins: The game’s deteriorates further – now more resembling a wrestling match than football of any sort, weak refereeing not helping matters.

44mins: More off the ball antics with Australia’s Croad taking another yellow card for needless rough stuff.

43mins: Dolan collects the Aussie kick out for a mark but can only manage a behind.

42mins: Free to Ireland after another late Australian tackle, Ireland run the free with Ronan Clarke collecting to hit a great over from distance.

41mins: Australia open the half with Lappin taking a good mark before converting the chance from a tight angle for three points.

Second quarter ends

40 +1mins: Ireland end the quarter with a wide, trailing 31-18.

40mins: Munnelly quickly makes amends though with a good over after taking a good pass on the move from Joyce.

40 mins: Scant consolation as Munnelly replies with a behind.

37mins: Andrew Lovett collects for Australia with Ireland’s marking going astray to hit an uncontested over.

34mis: Darren Milburn then hits an Aussie behind from 30 yards.

33mins: Australia in the ascendancy – now leading by 13 points after another good over.

31mins: Australia’s captain Chris Johnson is then sent off for an outrageous clothesline tackle on Philip Jordan as the game descends into chaos.

30mins: Three are repeated off the ball confrontations with the referee losing control off the match, being far too lenient. 

29mins: Bret Delideo takes a pass upfield after an excellent Australian passing move and waltzes through the Ireland defence for another Australian over.

27mins: O’Keefe then takes another good Australian mark for another three points.

26mins: Australia free in front of goal sees Nick Davis stretch the home side’s lead to five points with an over.

23mins: Australia then take a good mark in front of goal but O’Keefe hits it badly wide of the centre posts for an over

22mins: Australia open the quarter with an over.

First quarter ends

20mins: The first quarter ends with Ireland leading by two points. Australia 11-13 Ireland.

19mins: Ross Munnelly lets the football do the talking with an over to see Ireland leading by two.

17mins: Tempers flare once again on the pitch with both sets of players squaring up to each other off the ball.

14mins: Ryan O'Keefe then takes a good mark for Australia in an attacking position as Ireland lose concentration, he easily converts the chance for three points.

13mins: Australia reply with two quick scores to close the gap to two points.

11mins: Stephen O’Neill then wastes a good opportunity, hitting a close range effort for a behind.

9mins: Australia concede a needless free as Ciaran McManus is fouled, off the pitch, but his free kick goes high and wide.

8mins: Ireland reply straight away with Dolan again hitting an over.

7mins: Matthew Lappin then takes an excellent mark in front of the Irish goal and converts the kick for three points.

6mins: Ireland, obviously more focused this week, then have a goal disallowed but convert a free to stretch the lead to five points.

5mins: Australia then break up field to hit a behind.

4mins: Sean Cavanagh quickly follows that up with a chance at goal but Fletcher saves well for Australia.

3mins: A scrappy start see Ireland take the first score with Pauric Joyce hitting the game’s first over after three minutes.


AUSTRALIA: Dustin Fletcher (Essendon); Chris Johnson (Brisbane Lions) (co-capt), Brett Deledio (Richmond), Matthew Lappin (Carlton) (10); Andrew McLeod (Adelaide) (co-capt), Nathal Eagleton (Western Bulldogs) (2), Lindsay Gilbee (Western Bulldogs) (2); Brent Harvey (Kangaroos), Luke Hodge (Hawthorn) (1); Daniel Giansiracusa (Western Bulldogs)(4), Shannon Grant (Kangaroos) (6), Andrew Lovett (Essendon) (6); Amon Buchanan (Sydney Swans) (4), Nick Davis (Sydney Swans) (3), Darren Milburn (Geelong) (1).

Inter-change: Luke Hodge (Hawthorn), Dale Morris, Ryan O’Keefe (Sydney Swans) (14), Trent Croad (Hawthorn) (1), Brent Moloney (Melbourne), Aaron Davey (Melbourne) (5), Jarrad Waite (Richmond) (1), Troy Makepeace (Kangaroos) (3).

IRELAND: Mickey McVeigh (Down); Sean Og O’hAilpin (Cork), Tom Kelly (Laois), Ryan McMenamin (Tyrone); Philip Jordan (Tyrone), Bryan Cullen (Dublin), Anthony Lynch (Cork) (1); Graham Canty (Cork) (1), Sean Cavanagh (Tyrone) (7); Ross Munnelly (Laois) (7), Benny Coulter (Down) (2), Brian Dooher (Tyrone); Padraic Joyce (Galway) (capt) (3), Ronan Clarke (Armagh) (6), Dessie Dolan (Westmeath) (3).

Inter-change: Colm Cooper (Kerry) (1), Matty Forde (Wexford) (1), David Heaney (Mayo), Sean Marty Lockhart (Derry), Ciaran McDonald (Mayo) (3), Ciaran McManus (Offaly) (6), Stephen O’Neill (Tyrone) (1), Tomas O’Se (Kerry).

Referees: Mathew James (Australia), Michael Collins (Cork, Ireland)