Former Laois star Ross Munnelly has called for an independent review on whether Dublin have an advantage playing their home games at Croke Park.

Dublin kick-off their group stage campaign on Sunday as they welcome Roscommon to GAA Headquarters, which is the de facto home ground of the Dubs.

There is a perennial debate, of course, as to whether their access to the famous old ground adds up to an advantage in their championship quest, and Munnelly feels that it is time to put the debate to bed by weighing up the available facts on the matter.

"Familiarity is a huge advantage, so maybe once and for all we should see an independent review," said Munnelly, speaking on 2FM's Game On.

"My own home pitch is very important and I’m always confident when I play there with my club.

"Dublin have won so many All-Irelands and have provided so many of the best players of all generations, so do an independent review and let people make a call.

"You can factor everything in and see if factually it does give them an advantage or not. If it doesn’t then good luck to them, and if it does, let the GAA worry about it.

"It is not to slight all the Dublin players who have won All-Irelands, and it is probably no help to them and I’m sure they are sick of people talking about it as well."

As for the game on Sunday, Munnelly expects the Dubs to have to much for the visiting side in their opening Group 3 encounter.

"I do think they will win this weekend and they will dispatch Roscommon," said Munnelly.