The GAA could take another stance towards clamping down on serious breaches of discipline this weekend by imposing four and a half year maximum bans where applicable.

The proposal is being put to this weekend's Central Council meeting as part of a series of moves to curb disciplinary offences.

The series of motions has been compiled by the GAA's Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC), Central Hearings Committee (CHC) and Central Appeals Committee (CAC).

RTÉ Sport understands the new ideas will receive a positive hearing and endorsement from Central Council on Saturday and could go forward as motions for Congress 2023.

Top of the list of proposals is the suggestion to increase the maximum suspension for an individual from 96 weeks to 240 weeks.

In a move to also eliminate hearings and technical appeals, it is proposed that a double suspension could be issued for an unsuccessful hearing that is considered to be time impractical.

This season has seen an alarming rise in unsavoury incidents, including altercations with match officials.

There is growing concern within the GAA administration that a number of the suspensions handed down are not standing up when appealed.

Apart from the proposed increase of the maximum suspensions and the doubling of unsuccessful appealed suspensions, there are moves to deny any team officials who serve suspensions any communication with their team during a time-based suspension.

And it’s understood that infractions by team officials at under-age games will have their penalties doubled.

Further work on the hearings and appeals process is also expected.