Kerry 0-15 Dublin 1-10

Bryan Sheahan’s six point-haul helped reigning All-Ireland champions Kerry to victory at Fitzgerald Stadium in the Allianz Football League in Killarney.

Kerry were by far the better side in the second-half and held on despite a late surge from the 2013 championship winners.

Dublin began well and led 0-07 to 0-06 at half-time with Denis Bastick seeing black for the Dubs while Paul Murphy also got black for Kerry.

But Kerry hammered home their advantage in the second-half and had led by six with 15 minutes remaining.

Bernard Brogan got a late goal for Dublin but Kerry held on with Dublin's Michael Fitzsimons seeing red while Nicky Devereux (Dublin) and Jack Sherwood (Kerry) both got black. 

Dublin began well and Ciaran Kilkenny kicked them ahead within the first minute before Michael Geaney and then Johnny Buckley gave Kerry the lead.

Their dominance was short-lived and Dublin too the game to them for the remainder of the half and to lead by one at the break.

They kicked five of the next six scores but Bastick saw black when he dragged Kieran Donaghy to the floor.

Stephen O’Brien brought the scores back to 0-06 to 0-04 in the 25th minute but Dean Rock kicked a free to retain Dublin’s three-point lead.

But Sheahan was un-erring when in range and he got the next points as his side trailed by one, 0-07 to 0-06 at half-time.

They kept the ascendency into the second-half and they drove it home with the first four points.

Sheahan got two of those while Brogan kicked his first point off the bench and Dublin trailed 0-10 to 0-08.

But Kerry tacked on another four points on the bounce with Barry John Keane’s latter two efforts out of the top drawer.

Brogan kicked another free to stop the rot in the 55th minute – Dublin’s first score in 12 minutes but Johnny Buckley replied with a fine effort.

That score looked to have but it beyond Dublin as they trailed 0-15 to 0-9 but to their credit, Eoghan O’Gara grabbed a point before Brogan was in the right place to slot a tonic goal.

But they couldn’t offer anything else and the game ended in a melee with Fitzsimons seeing red for an off-the-ball incident.

Kerry: B Kealy; P Kilkenny, M Griffin, F Fitzgerald; J Lyne, J Sherwood, P Murphy; A Maher, D Moran (0-01); M Geaney (0-01), B Sheehan (0-06, 0-04f, 0-01 ‘45), J Buckley (0-02); S O’Brien (0-02), K Donaghy, P Geaney (0-01)

Subs: K Young for Murphy (35 mins, black card), BJ Keane (0-02) for M Geaney (half-time), T Walsh for P Geaney (59), S Enright for Kilkenny (61), A Fitzgerald for Sheahan (64), P O’Connor for S O’Brien (69), P Crowley for Sherwood (69, black card)

Dublin: S Currie; M Fitzsimons, R O’Carroll, D Daly; J Cooper, P McMahon, J McCaffrey (0-02); D Bastick, S Carthy (0-01); T Brady (0-01), D Rock (0-01, 0-01f), C Kilkenny (0-01); K McManamon (0-01), E O’Gara (0-01), C Costello

Subs: C O’Sullivan for Bastick (15 mins, black card), B Brogan (1-02) for Costello (half-time), P Andrews for Rock (46), N Devereux for McMahon (54, black card), B Fenton for Brady (57), E Lowndes for Cooper (64)

Referee: Eddie Kinsella (Laois)