Kerry’s Paul Geaney has called for a more compacted season as the groundswell for alterations to the structure of the GAA year grows.

Geaney told RTÉ Sport of the frustration players currently face in a sport which places major demands on players in terms of preparation, but which doesn’t always result in large amounts of game time.

The Kingdom forward also opined that a truncated season would allow players to establish a better balance between their sporting commitments and their life outside of the game.

“I suppose the only thing I’d advocate is more games and less training,” Geaney said.

“We train maybe 100 times a year, come up to play maybe 15 competitive games, including the league.

“That would be my main beef with it.

“There’d be no harm in shortening down the year, especially for the club scene. I was outside the county scene for a while and it can be frustrating as a club player, especially to go maybe two or three months during the summer and maybe play one or two games.

“Then you come back and you’re expected to play championship straight away and the club players are expected then - some clubs go on to St Patrick’s Day – to play all through Christmas and all through the winter months.

“It’s tough going for them. It’s a big commitment for club players as well.

“If we could get it played in the one calendar year and give fellas a chance to have their holidays and have a proper life outside of football, that can only be good.”