A recommendation that the All-Ireland hurling and football finals be brought forward one week and that the All-Ireland club championship be completed by December has been put forward by the GAA.

The proposed changes, if agreed, would come into effect on a two-year trial basis starting in 2016.

All county boards will have their say on the matter. 

Early reaction from Kilkenny hurler TJ Reid and Dublin footballer Ger Brennan would indicate that any changes are sure to get a good airing in the weeks ahead.

Both players were in attendance at the #AIB The Toughest Player Awards, which honoured those who have excelled so far in the All-Ireland club championship.

Ballyhale Shamrocks' Reid took home the Leinster hurling award, while Brennan was recognised for his performances with St Vincent's in the Leinster football category.

Asked about this thoughts on having the club championship wrapped up pre-Christmas, TJ Reid spoke about "matches all squashed together at the end of year".

He also raised the impact that replays, both inter-county and club, would have on the year, adding that "it just wouldn't be enjoyable and I would certainly miss the chance of playing at Croke Park on St Patrick's Day."

Ger Brennan, however, talked about "the challenges of having gaps in the club season and dealing with other fixtures in that period." 

While complimenting the GAA as an organisation, Brennan described the current fixture list as "organised chaos". However he felt the new proposals could be a way of "fixing the problem". 

Meanwhile, Tipperary manager Eamon O'Shea believes the proposed six-day gap between a drawn All-Ireland final and replay is too short.

O'Shea's side lost the 2014 final replay to Kilkenny three weeks after the drawn game.

“Six days is hard,” O’Shea told the Irish Examiner. “I know we lost the replay after three weeks, but six days I imagine would be very hard. Emotionally, it is very tiring to play a game like that. Two weeks would probably be about right.

O'Shea welcomed the proposal to end all club championships within the calendar year, however.

"I think if we could wrap up everything, it would be good," he said. "It is very hard for teams to train over winter. I think we could be playing the county championships a lot smarter, everywhere.”