The Donegal County Board met on Monday night to begin the process of finding a replacement for Jim McGuinness, who stepped down as senior football manager on Friday night.

A five-man committee including the three main county board officers will be charged with the task of finding a successor to McGuinness, who won one All-Ireland and three Ulster championships during his four-year reign.

McGuinness's resignation came in the wake of Donegal's defeat by Kerry in this year's All-Ireland final.

Rory Gallagher, Declan Bonner and Maxi Curran are among those being mentioned as possible candidates for the role.

The closing date for applications for the vacant position is Friday week.

As well as discussing the procedure for enlisting the new manager, the Board also acknowledged McGuinness’s impressive reign and the legacy the Glenties man has left behind for Donegal football.

“While Jim is always quick to point out it was the players who won the matches, we must acknowledge that it was Jim who created the environment for those players to prepare meticulously and then deliver on their potential in the way they have done so in the past four years,” said County Chairperson Sean Dunnion, in a statement.

"The overwhelming sentiment of recent days has been of gratitude to Jim" - County Board Chairperson Sean Dunnion

“The overwhelming sentiment of recent days has been of gratitude to Jim. There has been an avalanche of thanks for the memories and the enjoyment.

“We respect what has been a difficult decision for Jim and we wish him, Yvonne and their family good health and success in the future.

“I have no doubt that Jim will have a major contribution to make to Gaelic Football in the county again at some point in the future. This is the closing of a chapter in our history but there is still so much to be positive about.”