Dublin star Bryan Cullen has praised his side’s efforts in winning a first football league title since 1993, insisting the victory has put the Dubs in a good place as they prepare for the upcoming Leinster Championship.

“It’s great to get a bit of silverware in the cabinet,” Cullen said.

“Great test for the lads there today, we came through a tough, tough battle, that really set us up for the Championship. We know we’re going to have to come through games like that in the summer.

“So, it was great practice for the lads there today.”

Cullen also praised Tyrone and their tenacious approach to the game.

He said: “We had a feeling at times they’d have a lot of men behind the ball. They do make life very difficult. We were patient, and took our opportunities when they came, which is very pleasing.”

However, the bulk of praise Cullen had was for his own men, saying: “Lads definitely put their hands up today and we showed that we had a good strong bench and plenty of lads vying for places, which is what need if we are going to be successful during the summer.”

Cullen also praise Dublin manager Jim Gavin, who he feels has made a major difference since taking over control of the side this season.

He said: “[Jim Gavin] has given a lot of lads a new lease of life.

"Guys that weren’t getting in under previous managements, but he’s managed to reinvent them.

"He’s getting a lot more out of those guys that have been on the periphery of the panel over the last few years.”