Former Meath manager Eamonn Barry has slammed a senior official and the county’s management committee ahead of a crucial vote on the tenure of current boss Seamus McEnaney.

Barry, formerly a member of the management committee and the Meath manager from 2005 to 2006, has strongly criticised county chairman Barney Allen before tonight’s vote.

The vote could see McEnaney replaced by four-time All-Ireland winning former manager Sean Boylan.

Barry told the Irish Independent: "For six months last year, at first hand, I saw how business was conducted by Barney and the Meath county committee, and I stated to a meeting that there was a total lack of open-ness, transparency and accountability.

"And it now appears that we have even lost our decency by the manner in which we have treated Seamus McEnaney."

McEnaney, the first county’s outside manager, has been opposed by some elements in Meath since taking over in late 2010.

A run of five Allianz Football League defeats which ended with relegation to Division 3 has weakened his position.

The Meath management committee has proposed that McEnaney should be replaced by Boylan and a meeting will take place tonight to vote on the matter.

McEnaney is understoood to still have support within the county and there were suggestions yesterday that the playing panel would release a statement supporting him though ultimately that did not come to pass.

The Monaghan man's opponents will need a two-thirds majority required to oust him, and he could well retain the job ahead of the beginning of the All-Ireland series.