Beau Greaves is ready to show the world she is even better than people already think as she prepares for her appearance at the World Darts Championship next week.

The teenage sensation earned her place in the showpiece tournament at the Alexandra Palace after she won eight tournaments in a row on the PDC Women's Series.

The 18-year-old from Doncaster has extended her winning streak to an incredible 52 games since then and several of the top male players, including defending champion Peter Wright, have said they do not want to face her, with Ireland's Willie O'Connor first in the firing line in next Friday's first round.

While Greaves, whose career was hit with dartitis in recent years, says she has new heights to reach, she views her appearance and the famous venue as a bonus.

"I never thought of it as a dream, I was more for just playing the ladies darts and I was content with that," she said. "It sort of happened, I didn't plan it or expect it.

"My mindset hasn't changed at all, I am just so happy just to play anywhere, I enjoy playing.

"I am trying not to think about it too much, I don't want to overthink it and end up dreading it. I am not one to normally look forward to that sort of stuff but I know I will have a lot of support.

"For me it was just a bonus and I am over the moon to get the chance.

"I know the crowd could be on my side, I am not too bothered about causing shocks, as long as I want to be up there and I enjoy being up there than that is just enough for me.

"I am still coming back this year, I have had such a good year and the Ally Pally was a bonus for me and in my mind that is just what it is.

"I feel like I shouldn't be there almost. It doesn't matter if I don't win, I can say I have played there. I am just going to do my best and hopefully it works.

"But I know I can play well and I feel like no one has ever seen me play how I can really play. I feel like I have got gears and I can turn it on when I need to."

"I am only 18 and I forget that when I am doing all this stuff."

Greaves earned her spot in the tournament after beating Fallon Sherrock in a tournament at Wigan to finish above her opponent in the order of merit.

Sherrock has subsequently been awarded a place for her victory at the inaugural Women's Masters in July and Lisa Ashton also qualified, meaning there will be three women in the first-round draw.

Sherrock is the trailblazer for women at the World Championship following her landmark run to the third round in 2020, but Greaves is not looking for comparisons.

"What Fallon did was brilliant, you can't take that away from her," she added. "She did brilliant darts and obviously the opportunities anyone would take.

"For me I have never looked up to her as a role model because I knew her before she did that. I don't want to be compared to Fallon in stuff like that, what she did was amazing, but I want to do my own thing and just sort of keep to myself and keep enjoying it.

"I have never really had a role model. It is only me throwing the darts and we will see what happens. Sometimes I still forget that I am still a teenager, I am only 18 and I forget that when I am doing all this stuff.

"I am really grateful for it and the life I have had up until now has been amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world. I am just going to keep doing what I am doing."

As amazing as it might be travelling around Europe and winning darts tournaments, the teenager is not allowed to get carried away.

Still living with her parents and siblings, Greaves experiences the same issues every teenager does.

"Sometimes you are on a proper high and you come back and mum is having a go at me about something," she said. "It is such a contrast when you come back from a darting weekend, I have never been treated any different and I wouldn't want that anyway.

"It is nice to come back from the darts and not practice for a day or two and just go back to whatever I normally do through the week."