Cycling beyond a 2km distance from home remains off limits, but there is an alternative.

Ireland's largest sporting event this weekend took place in homes around the country as more than 1,000 people registered to compete in a virtual cycling league.

The Cycling Ireland Zwift League allows riders home and abroad to train and race within Covid-19 government guidelines.

Ex-professional cyclists Matteo Cigala and Thomas De Gendt have also gotten involved, as well as former Irish athlete David Gillick.

"With the technology we have nowadays we are very lucky," said Cigala, who moved to Ireland in 2014.

"It allows us to train and race indoors and a really good way to stay fit and healthy. At the same time, you can hang out virtually with your friends. Every day I have a training ride with people from all over Ireland, even friends from Italy."

Imogen Cotter and Chris McGlinchey were the winners in round three, Saturday’s route taking the riders on a virtual trip around London in a six-lap, 40km circuit.

"It’s great that Cycling Ireland are putting on these races," said McGlinchey. "It’s keeping me motivated to race and has given everyone something to aim for while we’ve got no racing on the road."

Categories range from beginner to professional. For more information visit