July's cricket qualifiers for next year's women's World Cup, which Ireland were due to feature in, have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The tournament was scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka between 3 and 19 July.

The Ireland Women's team had previously seen a tour to Thailand in April cancelled, and had their qualifier lead-up programme put on hold at the outset of the pandemic.

The International Cricket Council said it took the decision to postpone the qualifiers as part of its "comprehensive contingency planning process and after consultation".

"Our priority during this difficult period is to protect the well-being of players, coaches, officials, fans and the whole cricket community," said Chris Tetley, ICC head of events.

He added that the ICC would try to find an "appropriate window" to reschedule "as soon as is safe and practical to do so".

Head Coach of the Ireland team Ed Joyce, expressed his understanding about the decision, but he hopes that enough lead-in time will be available with new dates to allow for his side to prepare for the tournament.

"Naturally we are disappointed to see this important qualifying tournament postponed, but it is an understandable situation given the circumstances," Joyce said.

"The chance to qualify for a world cup is always a big moment in a player's career, and I know - before lockdown - the performance squad were well positioned, some in Ireland and others playing club cricket during the Irish winter in Australia."

"We had a lead-in programme in place for the Qualifier before the pandemic hit, but – like everyone else – we’ve had to adapt quickly to lockdown conditions.

"We have continued fitness programmes and held numerous team learning sessions via video-conferencing over the last two months, but despite the opportunities that these sessions offer, there is no substitute to getting out and playing, so we’re all eager to get out and play when conditions permit."