Warren Deutrom says developing a new home for Irish cricket is "key" to the future.

Friday's game against Afghanistan, the first of three T20I games, in India marks the 1,000th Ireland men’s match (across all formats) and having received Full Member and Test status in 2017, the chief executive reckons having to fork out for temporary grounds to play their home games restricts the sport's potential for growth.

"The one big thing that is still on the to-do list - and is still a frustration for me - is to get a major stadium or a major ground developed in Dublin," said Deutrom. 

"We spend hundreds of thousands of euros every year simply trying to create venues to host our fixtures. That's the real challenge for us.

"If we can spend that money instead on developing talented cricketers - girls and boys - investing that money in grassroots programmes, that's where we would like to spend our money rather than enriching infrastructure providers for our matches.

"That's the really key thing for me next.

"I think now that we have crossed a major Rubicon and become a Test nation, we’re basically now the Juniors in Big School.

"So for us, it's aiming to be properly competitive across all three formats on a consistent basis."

Meanwhile, 21-year old uncapped wicket-keeper/batsman Stephen Doheny has flown out to India as a replacement for Gary Wilson in the squad.


  • Friday 6 March 2020 (start 2pm local time; 8.30am Irish time)
  • Sunday 8 March 2020 (start 2pm local time; 8.30am GMT)
  • Tuesday 10 March 2020 (start 2pm local time; 8.30am GMT)

Games played at Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh in India.