Suave, handsome, debonair, knowledgable - all words that haven’t been used to describe Jacqui’s co-presenter Con Murphy. Despite his name, and the fact that they named a shop after him on Patrick Street, Con has no Cork connections, and traces his ancestry back to Armagh, Galway, Offaly and Kilkenny, which gives him a good chance of success in the Hurling Championship every year.

A keen poker player, Con has mastered the art of bluffing to such an extent that some people actually believe that he knows something about sport. His favourite sports memory was Ireland's 1-0 win over England in Stuttgart in Euro 88 - he was sitting right behind Jack Charlton when ‘Wor Jack’ banged his head after Ray Houghton scored.

He supports Shamrock Rovers, but will remain impartial at all times, or at least he’s been told that he will by the producers. His favourite band is Jarabe de Palo from Barcelona