The Winter Olympics closing ceremony in Turin was subject of an apparent breach of security tonight.

Valentino Castellani, president of Turin's Games organising committee, was delivering a speech during the typically lavish ceremony when a man, thought to be a protestor, ran onto the stage and tried to grab his microphone.

However, before he could successfully complete his mission and have his say, the man, wearing a dark-coloured t-shirt, was ushered away by security staff.

The Games in Italy came to a colourful conclusion as the Olympic movement looked forward to Vancouver and the next Winter Olympics in 2010.

The momentary lapse in security followed another which occurred on Friday during the British men's curling team's bronze-medal match against the USA at Pinerolo.

Serial streaker Mark Roberts, with a rubber chicken covering his modesty and a knotted handkerchief on his head, jumped over the barriers and danced up and down the side of the ice for several minutes before being bundled away.

Roberts bared all again today as he pranced onto a Dutch tennis court wearing nothing but a ballerina's tutu.

The 41-year-old Liverpudlian clambered onto the court as Czech Radek Stepanek was presented with the winner's trophy at the Rotterdam Open.

He had "New balls" written on his chest and "Ace of Hearts" written on his back.