The 35 clubs who have qualified to play in the latter stages of the respective 2020 national and provincial camogie championships have proposed a three-week fixture window to see their outstanding campaigns completed.

The clubs are still hoping to complete the 2020 series across all grades including senior, intermediate, junior, junior B and Ulster's Bridie McMenamin competitions.

They have written to the Camogie Association to again express their disappointment at the decision to cancel the 2020 club championship.

Last week, a nationwide poll of clubs by the Camogie Association to seek a fixtures mandate for 2021 voted in favour of a split season model (Option 2) after 53% of respondents took this option, allowing the inter-county series to be played in two blocks before starting the 2021 club series.

But this decision - taken by clubs and members of the association - also meant an incomplete 2020 provincial and national club series.

Running those 2020 campaigns had been incorporated in the league/club championship/All-Ireland championship fixtures (Option 1) template that was put forward by camogie's governing body.

But just 47% of respondents voted for this proposal.

The poll result meant that any of the provincial games from last year would be left unfinished and that clubs would miss out on the chance to win provincial and national honours at various levels.

"The players involved have continued their individual training programmes despite the difficulties of the pandemic, with the expectation that the provincial and All-Ireland series would be resumed and completed"

In their letter seeking a meeting with the organisation’s top brass, the 35 clubs involved state: "We believe and understand that the stated purpose of the Camogie Association is 'to develop and promote camogie at all levels and to inspire current and future generations’.

"The ordinary club and its players are the heartbeat of the association, but recent decisions and events have clearly shown that they and their legitimate concerns have come secondary to the demands of the inter-county players.

"The players involved have continued their individual training programmes despite the difficulties of the pandemic, with the expectation that the provincial and All-Ireland series would be resumed and completed, and for some this might be the only opportunity that they get to compete at that level.

"Those dedicated players have been told repeatedly, since last October and no later than Saturday 1 May, that the club championship would go ahead as planned. It is never too late to do the right thing and a proposed format that has been agreed by the clubs named below for all grades of the competition which would see it completed in a three-week period (Monday 7 June to Sunday 27 June).

"These fixtures would be played during the later stages of the inter-county National League as has been the custom in previous years. We have addressed the Covid-19 issue in our proposal, and it is our understanding that, based on the current Government pathway out of restrictions, it is feasible to start and complete this competition safely behind closed doors. If Option 1 had been adopted the Camogie Association intended completing the 2020 club championship."

The letter concluded: "We understand and acknowledge that this past year has posed unprecedented difficulties for the association and for those charged with administering its affairs."

Acknowledging there was considerable disappointment that it was not possible to complete the 2020 campaigns, the Camogie Association communicated with the clubs that there were in excess of 50 games in respect of 2020 season across all grades which could not be accommodated.

The association stated that all competitions continue to be subject to public health restrictions and available scheduling space, while they also had to consider the impact on other competitions within the games schedule at all levels.

They also outlined that the constraints in respect of the schedule adapted by the nationwide poll were outlined to clubs in documentation sent to them and that the sequencing of the year was agreed by clubs.