Madison Square Garden, the home of New York sport, the Mecca of boxing; and if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.

Katie Taylor has had 20 professional fights since turning pro in 2016, yet somehow, the most recognised and celebrated Irish sports star of a generation has yet to exhibit that boxing brilliance on home soil.

A tale of strange circumstance and bad timing, as the professional boxing game in Ireland has had some real soul searching to undertake over the past few years, ever since a low-key boxing weigh-in turned into a high-profile bloodbath on the not-so mean streets of Drumcondra in Dublin.

There has been blue skies in New York City all week, and the clouds also appear to be shifting back home where talk of an eventual Katie homecoming clash appears to be gathering momentum and will surely move up a notch if the Bray native takes care of business at the Garden tonight.

Three-thousand miles from home, and yet to paraphrase the great Phil Chevron, "thousands are once again sailing, across the western ocean, to this land and an opportunity to see the one they have never seen".

The journey from JFK to Manhattan takes you on the AirTrain from the airport to Jamaica in Queens, before switching to the subway, where a direct line takes you all the way to Penn Station and spits you out into the heart of the tourist-thronged, midtown madness.

And yet as you haul your suitcase up the final subway steps and into the New York night, you are welcomed to the city with the green and white illuminations of the iconic Madison Square Garden, a perfect circle of sporting history in a town full of rectangles and straight lines.

First impressions for the travelling Irish leaving Penn Station

The Garden has been home to the New York Rangers all week, with their fans blocking endless footpaths with their oversized replica jerseys and gift-shop procured paraphernalia.

Stanley Cup play-off season is approaching, and the hopes of the city appear to be ice-related, following the disappointment of their two hooped franchises, the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, while the baseball calendar remains in its infancy.

For all the blue skies, the rays rarely reached this sun-starved travelling Irishman, wandering around the blocks surrounding the Garden all week in the shadow of the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings among many, many others.

And while the aforementioned Rangers had games at MSG most nights, the Katie Taylor show has been holding court throughout the days, which started on Tuesday with a photo op atop the Empire State.

The famous landmark building will be lit up in the green, white and orange of Ireland, and red, white and blue of Puerto Rico tonight in honour of the boxers in this history-making fight.

"I don't know who organised it, but I’ll take the credit," joked Katie’s promoter, Eddie Hearn.

But Hearn does certainly deserve real credit for bringing Katie to the world stage and delivering on a promise to headline the New York venue, even when he doubted it possible, when this perfect partnership began back in 2016.

The Wednesday workout, again inside the famous halls of the Garden, was for the media’s benefit to get the shots needed to colour the endless media coverage that is going out throughout the boxing world, while the real excitement of the fight took over on Thursday with the live press conferences at the Theatre – a 3,000-capacity arena under the Garden that has been home to some special nights for Irish boxers.

The highlight of the week, so far at least, being a laid-back, honest and insightful 20-minute round-table chat with Katie at the Garden.

A Hitchcockian photo perhaps, with the blurry-faced author chatting to Katie Taylor

Covering Katie throughout her entire career on the digital pages of RTÉ Sport, yet remarkably a first face-to-face encounter with the boxing legend – it was well worth the wait.

Three days in and I had spent my time working and walking three blocks up and one avenue east, lumping the laptop 'tween hotel room and venue.

The area surrounding Madison Square Garden is a true tourist trap with so much to do, see, shop and spend within the blocks surrounding the bright lights of 42nd Street.

But if ever an excuse is needed to escape the mayhem and madness of midtown Manhattan, where once the streets may have been paved with gold, but these days offer an unpleasant olfactory experience with a pervading stench of weed, hop on the subway and get down to the tip of this remarkable island.

Thankfully work took me away on that downtown train to TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal Street) to meet up with former pro and one-time king of the New York boxing scene, John Duddy.

This stretch of the city is renowned for its industrial buildings, converted warehouses, cobblestoned streets and trendy boutiques, while Robert De Niro is one of the many celebrity residents – the Raging Bull star also owns a restaurant and a hotel in these parts.

Upside Pizza, Mulberry Street - The perfect pit-stop for an on-the-move journalist

Interesting attractions in every direction, with the World Trade Center and Wall Street close by, while if you’ve got the time and energy, it’s not too far to stroll out and across the famous Brooklyn Bridge – you can even see the Statue of Liberty from there if you’re a box-ticking type of tourist who couldn’t be bothered hopping on the ferry.

Not blessed with the luxury of time on this particular trip to the Big Apple, yet it was still great for the mind and soul to stroll back up to midtown through SoHo and along Bleecker Street through Greenwich Village, where I took a quick time-out for a slice and a Coke.

Soon enough I was back pounding the alphabet streets of the city, counting the blocks back up to 33, to make my grand return to midtown Manhattan, refreshed from my short sojourn, chatting with the genial Duddy and his most interesting work colleagues at the Trinity Gym.

Friday’s weigh-in put faces to the names that they said were coming as the Theatre thronged for the show-biz style event at the Garden, as a monster crowd of both Puerto Rican New Yorkers and the travelling Irish made it a really memorable event.

If I was to predict which crowd made the most noise at the Jake Paul-hosted event, I’d have to say the Irish just edged it.

I’m thinking something similar for the main event tonight.

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