WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has denied having any business dealings with Daniel Kinahan but said any relationship between the men is a private matter as he answered questions from the media on the topic for the first time since Kinahan was sanctioned by American authorities last week.

Kinahan, who has been named in the High Court as the controller and manager of the Kinahan crime organisation, has been placed on an Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list, which is a list of the US Treasury Department.

Fury has previously revealed that Kinahan was helping broker a potential heavyweight clash with Anthony Joshua and had made an agreement. The fight did not materialise.

He was pictured in Dubai earlier this year with Kinahan.

Fury has no involvement in crime.

Speaking to reporters at a public workout in London ahead of his title defence against Dillian Whyte on Saturday at Wembley Stadium, Fury said Kinahan is a fan of the sport but had little to divulge on their relationship other than insisting he currently did "absolutely zero" business with him.

Fury said: "I've said this to quite a few people this week. I don't get involved in other people's businesses and I keep mine to myself and that's it.

"What other people do in their lives, I've got my own troubles and my own problems to work on myself with a wife and six kids. I keep my business to myself.

"The man has been a boxing fan. There is not much more I can say. There is not much more of a relationship. There is none.

"Has it been a distraction? Not really, it’s got nowt to do with me, has it? In my life, I’ve got a man who wants to punch my face in next week and I’ve got to deal with that. Anything else is out of my control."

Pressed on whether he no longer had any kind of relationship with Daniel Kinahan, Fury said: "That's none of your business and none of anybody else's business I think is it? My business is my business, your business is yours, and that's it.

"It's got nothing to do with me in boxing. I'm just a stupid boxer who gets punched in the face for a living. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here would I?"

Asked about being pictured with Kinahan in Dubai in February, Fury played down the image.

"A picture doesn't mean I am a criminal," said Fury. "I can’t control who is in the building. There could be a criminal in this building now. It doesn’t mean I am involved in his criminal activity, does it?"

Top Rank chief executive Bob Arum claimed last week that Kinahan had received payments for his help with the four most recent Fury fights.

On Arum's comments, Fury added: "That's Bob Arum’s own personal business, what he does with his own money. He can spend it all on gummy bears if he wants to. What someone does with their money is out of my control."

A $5m reward is being offered for information that leads to the financial disruption of the Kinahan Crime group or the arrest or conviction of Daniel Kinahan, his father Christopher Kinahan Snr, or Christopher Kinahan Jnr.

Matt Horne, Deputy Director of Investigations at the National Crime Agency UK said the Kinahan gang, "have transcended international boundaries distributing international shipments of cocaine and heroin throughout Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe".

Mr Horne also said that the group has been engaged in firearms trafficking and money laundering.