Kurt Walker's upset win over gold medal favourite and world champion Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov has ensured a clash of two of the best minds in Irish boxing, past and the present.

Current Ireland coaching guru Zaur Antia faces his former boss Billy Walsh when the now-USA head coach steps into the corner for Duke Ragan's featherweight quarter-final against the Lisburn boxer.

RTÉ analysts Kenneth Egan and Eric Donovan can't wait for the bout, which is scheduled for 3.30am Irish time on Sunday.

"I think Kurt sets himself really high standards," Egan opined after Walker's win. "He's won a lot of medals in the past. He won't be happy with just this performance.

"He's going to move on now. He wants medals, he wants to be on the podium.

"He's going to box this American now. I'm sure that they have a game plan.

"This is going to be Billy Walsh and Zaur Antia coming together in both corners. It's going to be an interesting tactical dilemma. This is going to be fantastic to watch. Who has the boxing brain? Who is going to outwit the other?"

Donovan was effusive in his praise of the Lisburn boxer, saying: "It was the perfect performance.

"He was up against the world number one, Mirzakhalilov from Uzbekistan, the favourite for the gold medal.

"He'd 16 fights in the last two years and won 14 of them. Kurt had four fights in the last two years, only two in the last 16 months before the Olympic Games. He wasn't even going to make the Olympic Games because he'd a huge personal problem at home. His daughter was born three months premature last year, so if the Olympics were on last year, he wasn't going to be around."

Elaborating on that "perfect performance", Donovan added: "Kurt had the superior footwork, the superior hand speed and the more intelligent boxing brain."