Katie Taylor's promoter Eddie Hearn still harbours an ambition of the undisputed lightweight champion fighting in Ireland despite the obstacles to doing so.

Taylor has boxed in the UK and America during her professional career, with no significant boxing shows taking place in the Republic of Ireland since the Regency Hotel attack in 2016, with security, cost and insurance referenced as barriers.

Covid-19 has brought further complications but Hearn is hopeful that he can help satisfy a career-long ambition for Taylor.

Speaking to RTÉ 2fm’s Game On programme, Hearn said: "Boxing in Ireland has had some great night over the years. I remember being in Mill Street in Cork for Chris Eubank vs Steve Collins 1.

"The atmosphere was incredible. We’ve been blessed to have so many great nights in Belfast as well. We get asked the question a lot about coming to Ireland and we know it is had its problems.

"To be honest with you, when we started out and Katie was boxing on all the big shows in England and then we went to America, she has become a bit of a global star.

"She does have aspirations to fight in Ireland for sure. It is something that we would love to do and something we should do. We shouldn’t close the door to that.

"I just feel right now there are offers to Katie to box all over the world but I know at some point in her career that will be very important to her."

Hearn has defended negotiating with Daniel Kinahan in an attempt to make an undisputed heavyweight fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Kinahan has been identified in the High Court as a senior figure in organised crime who "controlled and managed" the Kinahan organised crime group.

Kinahan stepped away from being part of Fury’s team to arrange the potential clash with Joshua after scrutiny in the media of how he could be involved in making the deal.

Hearn added: "For a boxing sense it is quite a difficult question because of the involvement he has had in the career of the likes of Tyson Fury.

"When we got asked, or when Tyson Fury said to us this is who you need to negotiate with, it wasn’t a surprise because he has been involved for a long period of time, like doing Tyson Fury’s deal with Frank Warren, ESPN and all sorts.

"There are a number of other fighters as well. For us it is trying to get deals done. Obviously there was a decision to step back from him on their side of the team and let the fight unfold with Bob Arum and Top Rank.  

"We will deal with who are we requested to deal with to get a fight of that magnitude made.

"I feel more the pressure of getting that over the line for my client Anthony Joshua who has a dream to be undisputed champion. I’m very blinkered to the fact that this is the biggest fight in boxing."

Listen to the full interview with Eddie Hearn on Game On from 6pm on Wednesday as he discusses his book Relentless: 12 Rounds To Success