Katie Taylor's opponent Anahi Sanchez is poised to defeat her challenger when the pair touch gloves in Cardiff, according to Sanchez's manager.

Taylor is pipped as the favourite heading into this bout on the back of a 6-0 record since making the transition into the professional ranks. But Sanchez's manager is confident that the reigning world champion will win.

"She’s looking forward to keeping the title and going back to Argentina with the title," Sampson Lewkowicz told Joe Stack of RTÉ Sport.

"Everybody says that she will lose the fight and that it’s a walk in the park (for Katie Taylor) but I can tell you now, it will be a very dark and rainy night (for her)."

Sanchez missed the weight limit for the lightweight bout by one pound at Friday's weigh-in and was unable to shed the excess weight inside the allotted time.

This means that she will have to relinquish the strap.

Taylor can still claim the belt with victory in the Principality Stadium, and said that her opponent's failure to make weight 'doesn’t bother me.'

Lewkowicz however, seems unfazed by the setback to his fighter's preparations, and although he respects Taylor's ability as a boxer, he believes she lacks the experience to win the title.

"I think she’s good but she doesn’t have the experience to be a world champion at the moment. Amateur is one animal and professional is another one. It’s totally different. One is eight rounds and the other is 10 rounds, (there’s a) big difference."

"It will go the distance and hopefully the judges will be raising the hands of the winner and that it will be Anahi Sanchez."