George Groves has defended Shane McGuigan following his splits with Carl Frampton and David Haye and credited the trainer with inspiring the happiest period of his career.

Less than 12 months ago, the 28-year-old McGuigan had only ever experienced victory in his role and had become one of boxing's most in-demand trainer when his success with Frampton had led to him being recruited by Groves and Haye.

In November he oversaw his first defeat, when Conrad Cummings lost to Ronny Mittag, and in the coming months was criticised when Haye lost to Tony Bellew and Frampton was defeated in his rematch with Leo Santa Cruz.

By June he had his second world champion after Groves defeated Fedor Chudinov to win the WBA super-middleweight title, which he defends on October 14 at Wembley Arena against the 31-year-old Jamie Cox.

However while Haye has since linked up with Cuba's Ismael Salas, and more recently Frampton has ended his long-term association with the McGuigans, Groves retains full confidence in the third professional trainer he has had.

"It's a nice gym, a great atmosphere, and possibly the happiest I've been since boxing out of Dale (Youth, my amateur club)," said the 29-year-old, who previously worked with Paddy Fitzpatrick and Adam Booth.

"I don't know the full story with Frampton and the McGuigans, but as you can imagine, it must be very personal. They're so well entwined, and it's not nice for any of them.

"I wouldn't even encroach on their privacy by asking. But Frampton must have felt that it was time to move on. I bet the thing he's probably gutted most about is now not working with Shane McGuigan.

"David Haye on the other hand is very blase. Whatever floats his boat that week, that's the route he's taking. Obviously he's got Salas over to train all his fighters: he probably thinks 'Salas can do the job for me as well'.

"Shane's a demanding trainer. He demands a lot from you, he expects you to do your sessions to 100 per cent. Haye's got a long way back before he thinks about fighting, so that'll be that."

More recently McGuigan prepared Scotland's promising Josh Taylor for his impressive defeat of Ohara Davies, and he will again be tested when Groves attempts to reach the semi-finals of the World Boxing Super Series against Cox.

"Shane's still flying," the super-middleweight said. "Taylor will be out soon: Taylor's a fantastic fighter.

"We don't try and prove a point to plebs: I gave up on that years ago. If people think Shane ain't got it anymore 'cause David Haye left him, or Frampton's left him, then that'll be the case."