"This is life-changing," are the words of Conor McGregor's cutman Tommy McCormack, after the Dubliner was confirmed as one of the four-man corner team for Saturday night's clash with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas.

McGregor's coach John Kavanagh will be joined by Owen Roddy, Artem Lobov and McCormack in the Dubliner's corner for the much-awaited Nevada encounter.

Like McGregor, the Kavanagh-led quartet have limited experience of working a corner in a boxing match of this magnitude, however, all four have worked extensively at the highest level of mixed martial arts.

Kavanagh has been McGregor's long-term coach and the man credited with taking the Crumlin fighter all the way to the top of his sport, being crowned two-weight champion in the UFC.

Roddy is a renowned striking coach since his MMA retirement in 2012 and is a former team-mate of McGregor, while Lobov is a top-class mixed martial arts fighter, currently fighting in the UFC.

The Russia-Irish featherweight has enjoyed two UFC victories but lost his last outing to Cub Swanson in a bout which was deemed the fight of the night in Nashville back in April.

Cutman McCormack has worked boxing bouts in the past but is more usually found in the relentless muy thai areana, while also working at MMA events.

"I got introduced to the world of muay thai and for a cutman, that's the place to be," said McCormack, speaking to TheMacLife.

"There's some serious cuts in that, and if you practise doing cuts in a sport like muy thai, nothing will faze you.

"This is lifechanging. You can try to do the lotto every week. You cannot try to do Conor's corner for the fight against Floyd Mayweather every week. That's a once in a lifetime.

He continued: "If I'm in your corner, I'm 100 per cent with you. I have never been in a corner of a guy and not wanted him to win or felt I didn't want to be there. I only work with people I like working with.

"I'm a boxing man originally, so to be involved in a massive, massive boxing fight, probably the biggest of my generation, that's as good as winning the lotto."